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We listen to every used album we have up for sale.  We listen to every minute of the album not just samples.  Our grades listed below are based on our listening process.

S – Sealed.  When an album is new aka unopened then the grade is sealed.

M - Mint.  This grade does not exist.  Actually, look for it when you see the unicorn jump over the pot at the end of the rainbow.  Seriously, I don’t see how you can call even a new album mint.  How do you know there are no manufacturing defects for example?

NM - Near Mint.  Looks and sounds almost brand new.  Cover looks new.

EX - Excellent.  A small number of flaws keep this from being NM.  This will include scuffs that do not affect sound, handling marks.  Cover has one or more marks that keep it from perfection.

VG - Very Good.  Will include scratches maybe even minor warpage but will not affect sound.  WILL NOT Skip.  Cover has writing, stickers, ring wear and scuffing.

G - Good.  Could skip.  Has more than a few scratches.  Could be warped.  Cover has damage and may not be suitable for storing the record.

F - Fair.  Will skip.  This a good library filler only until you can find a better copy.  Cover is damaged.  May include water damage or worse.